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Church Fundraiser Ornaments

Our church fundraising program features custom designed quality ornaments.

  • Free shipping to Church Groups
  • A variety of style and options to choose from
  • Gift Boxes available

We offer different kinds of fundraisers and we're sure to have something that works for your church.

  • One-Time Church Fundraiser - A specific "one-time" custom design.
  • Ongoing or Annual Fundraiser - Create an "annual series" of ornaments that follow a theme.
  • Collectible Ornament Fundraiser - Rather than creating custom ornaments, your church group could sell collectible ornaments from Tom Pollard's Ornament store.  Our store carries a wide variety of religious and spiritual ornaments. Direct your group to our online store with a special URL created for your organization. The purchases will be tracked and at the end your group receives 25% of the proceeds.

Call 800-231-4788 to start your ornament today or contact  one of our experts for more information on customizing a fundraising package designed to fit your needs!

One-Time Church Fundraiser

The typical church fundraiser answers an immediate need, perhaps an upcoming anniversary or other significant date in church history, or even to commemorate new construction or renovations.

These are specific, one-time projects, such as a special church Christmas fundraiser or a Christian fundraiser with a special mission in mind, including overseas relief efforts.

Your ornament is custom designed to reflect the purpose of the fundraiser or commemorative, and will be treasured long after by those who purchase or receive it.

Call 800-231-4788 to start your ornament today or contact  one of our experts for more information on customizing a fundraising package designed to fit your needs!

Ongoing or Annual Church Fundraiser Program

A long-range fundraising strategy, perfect for church youth fundraisers or other church men's & women's groups is to plan a new ornament each year along a particular theme, creating a series of collectible keepsakes.

Unlike typical yearly fundraisers which involve foods, candies, or even candles, an annual series of custom designed, silver and gold-plated brass ornament can evoke a strong emotional reaction and be valued as a keepsake, passed from generation to generation.

Consider the potential of a stunning church keepsake: the custom, silver or gold-plated brass ornament!

Tom Pollard Designs has years of experience working with churches all across the country to develop successful fundraisers.

If your church is having a special anniversary, we can help you with a custom ornament to commemorate the event with a treasured, keepsake ornament.

We can also work with churches and church groups to create ornaments for annual fundraisers more memorable than the traditional food and candle fundraisers.

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Ways to Save!

Instead of creating a custom ornament from scratch Silkscreen or Retool an ornament to save money. Check out our "Money Saving Fundraisers".

Reordering and Retooling

We keep everything on file so you can come back for more ornaments years later. If your ornament is dated we can make small changed and retool your ornament.  Learn more about Reordering and Retooling.

Collectible Ornament Church Fundraisers

Our Religious Series is ideal for annual fundraisers held by churches and other religious organizations. Our series started in 2009 with "The Nativity." We now have over 30 different spiritual ornaments to choose from.  Browse our online store to see the different designs.

These unique and highly intricate ornaments are designed with layers of detail creating three dimensional depth.

You can combine ornaments from our store with your own custom ornament to give variety to your fundraiser.

Each year, your fundraiser can offer a unique ornament that your patrons and their families will cherish for years to come.

Call us at 800-231-4788 to talk to our experts.

Rush Order

For orders needed before our usual timed frame are possible but there are extra charges. Check Here or contact us.

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