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Why Gift Shops Choose Custom Ornaments

Museum & Gift Shop Keepsake Ornaments

In every major city, gift shops in museums, aquariums, amphitheatres, botanical gardens, and zoos open their doors to millions of visitors each year.

Men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds hope to take home a remembrance of their visit to your facility. Why not make it a custom keepsake ornament?

Custom ornaments can be crafted using your facility's logo, an image of your building, or of a particular feature or exhibit. Custom ornaments can be used as:

  • Keepsake ornaments awarded to volunteers
  • Thank You ornaments for donors
  • Gift Shop memorabilia of high quality

At Tom Pollard Designs, we craft silver and gold-plated brass ornaments, each custom-designed, perfect as a keepsake representing the achievements and spirit of your facility.

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Typical Gift Shop Project

The typical Museum & Gift Shop project focuses on an immediate need, perhaps an anniversary, a special upcoming event, or new construction.

These are specific, one-time projects, such as a special Christmas ornament offering.

Your ornament is custom designed to reflect the purpose of the commemorative and will be treasured long after by those who purchase or receive it.

Ongoing Ornament Design

A long-range strategy involves the creation of a series of collectible keepsakes, one each year or every two years, with a different design that continues to generate interest as the collection grows.

Consider the potential of a stunning ornamental keepsake: the custom, silver and gold-plated brass ornament!

Custom Wooden, Glass and Slate Ornaments

Take a look at some wooden, glass or slate ornament options for your group. These can be a great way to create a different kind of ornament in your series or an alternative to the brass ornaments we offer.

The Wooden or Slate ornaments are produced in a slightly shorter time period than our brass ornaments. The Glass ornaments can be in your hands in about a month so this can be great idea if you're short on time!

Ways to Save!

Instead of creating a custom ornament from scratch Silkscreen or Retool an ornament to save money. Check out our "Money Saving Fundraisers".

Reordering and Retooling

We keep everything on file so you can come back for more ornaments years later. If your ornament is dated we can make small changed and retool your ornament.  Learn more about Reordering and Retooling.

Rush Order

For orders needed before our usual timed frame are possible but there are extra charges. Check Here or contact us.

We love helping you celebrate your community! Many of our customers are celebrating a special anniversary or event.  Whatever the occasion - we'll help you design a keepsake worthy of your celebration.

These ornaments also make great fundraisers for your group or town.  These keepsake ornaments will be treasured by everyone in your town and maybe even those out-of-town tourists that want to remember they day they came to your town. 

Community Anniversary ornament

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