Brass Custom_ornaments for Churches


Reordering is easy. Your artwork and tool is already done so all you need to reorder is a quantity.
Since the art + tooling is done the only cost is the cost of the ornaments. The price is based off of how many you order but if you order within 6 months from you original order the price is based off of your original price break. For example if you ordered 400 ornaments in your original order and wish to reorder only 100 the price per ornament will be $5.50 per ornament.

If you ordered an ornament with color on reorders the only cost is $.10 per ornament per color. The $100 set-up fee is a one-time fee. For example: If you have 2 colors on 100 ornaments the reorder cost for the color is $10 per color, $20 total.


Retooliing and reordering Custom OrnamentsChange a store ornament or previously made custom ornament.

Use artwork that we have on file and make a few small changes to personalize the artwork to fit your needs. These changed can include but are not limited to changing a date, adding your name or a dangling piece. By doing this you don’t have to pay the full Art and Tooling fee of $395 only a $200 retooling fee. Only some ornaments can be changed. Call 800-231-4788 to start your ornament today or contact one of our experts.


  • Churches
  • Sports Arenas and Venues
  • Craft Shows
  • Hospital and Non Profits
  • Hotel and Tourist Attractions
  • Chambers of Commerce and Communities
  • Government Agencies
  • Libraries
  • Theme Parks
  • Museums, and Gift Shops
  • Festivals and Community Events
  • Historical Organizations
  • Military Organizations
  • Service Organizations
  • Schools
  • Sports Teams

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