Brass Custom_ornaments for Churches

Pricing for Custom Brass Ornaments

Each piece is an individually commissioned work of art. When creating your personalized ornament, there is a one time art and tooling fee charged upon your approval of conceptual art.

There are five things you'll see on a Custom Ornament invoice:

  1. Art and Tooling (one time fee)
  2. Ornaments
  3. Boxes and Displays
  4. FREE Information Sheet
  5. FREE Shipping

Mascot Ornaments pricing is different than custom ornaments.  See our Mascot Ornament Pricing.

We are able to make your ornaments in under the 3 month production time but there are extra charges. Contact us right away to see if we can make them in your time frame and check out our Rush Charges.

Art and Tooling

Art and Tooling Fee: $395  (does not apply to reorders)
To start artwork on a project a $200 non-refundable deposit is required.
Two Free Edits. Additional edits incur a fee.


Flat, Pop-Up and Dangling Ornaments

A minimum order of 50 pieces applies to all custom ornaments.

These prices apply to all styles except the multi-piece ornament.  See examples on our Styles and Options page.

  •   50 to 99 pieces $10.00 each 
  •   100 pieces $7.00 each  ($700)
  •   200 pieces $6.50 each  ($1,300)
  •   300 pieces $6.00 each  ($1,800)
  •   400 pieces $5.50 each  ($2,200)
  •   600 pieces $5.00 each  ($3,000)
  • 1000 pieces $4.88 each  ($4,880)
  • 1500 pieces $4.75 each  ($7,125)
  • 2000 pieces $4.60 each  ($9,200)

Multi-Piece Ornament Pricing

A minimum order of 100 pieces applies to all multi-piece ornaments.

  •   100 pieces $9.00 each ($900)
  •   250 pieces $8.50 each ($2125)
  •   500 pieces $8.00 each ($4000)
  • 1000 pieces $7.50 each ($7500)

See examples on our Styles and Options Page.

Adding Color to a Custom Ornament

  • Color can be added to any piece for $100 set up fee per color plus 10 cents per color per ornament.


  • $.50/gem/ornament

See examples on our Styles and Options Page. 

Boxes and Displays

See our Boxes and Display Page for more photos and more information.

  • Free Sleeve (so you can pack your ornaments)
  • Black Slimline Felt Box (Square)  $.70 each
  • Black Slimline Felt Box (Rectangular)  $.90 each
  • Gold Foil Deluxe Box $3.50 each (for either the 3-3/8" x 3-3/8" x 1/2" or 4.5" x 4.5 insert.)
  • V stand for Display $0.65 each  (special price for custom ornament customers.)
  • Single Ornament Hanger $1.95 each  (special price for custom ornament customers.)

Custom Ornament Pricing Examples

Let's suppose this is your first order for 100 ornaments with the free plastic sleeve.

$395 Tooling Fee
$700 ($7 x 100 ornaments)
NA    (Plastic sleeve included)
$1095 TOTAL

In this example, you are reordering 200 ornaments with 2 colors and a black felt box.

N/A    Tooling Fee (Only applies to the first order)
$1300 ($6.50 x 200 ornaments)
$ 200  Color Setup ($100 x 2 colors)
$  40   ($.10 x 200 for color printing x 2 for 2 colors)
$ 120  Black felt box ($.60 x 200)
$1660 TOTAL

In this final example, you are ordering 500 multi-piece ornaments with a gem.

  $395 Tooling Fee
$4000 ($8.00 x 500 ornaments)
 $250 ($.50/gem x 500)
$4645 TOTAL 

See examples on our Styles and Options Page. 

Call 800-231-4788 to start your ornament today or contact  one of our experts to ask for a FREE sample pack!

Mascot Ornaments

Mascots have a special place in our hearts, just as they do in yours. So Mascot Ornaments enjoy the following special benefits:

  • No charge for Design and Art Production.
  • 1 Color added to your silver or gold-plated ornament for FREE!
  • Easy reordering months or years down the line.

A minimum order of 200 pieces applies to all mascot ornaments.

  • 200 or more pieces $6.50 each

See our Mascot Ornaments page for details.



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