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Conneaut Lake CarouselOne-of-a-kind, custom ornaments for your special keepsake or commemorative piece. 

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Custom Brass Ornaments can be made to commemorate your city or church, community anniversary, business, fundraising event, school, and more!

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Our artists work with you, from concept to finished piece, designing the perfect personalized ornament for you.  Contact Tom Pollard Designs to learn more!

Virtually any image, message, or theme can become the basis of your one-of-a-kind design. Our standard sized, custom-designed ornaments are approximately 2-3/4 inches by 2-3/4 inches in size.

These unique creations provide great gift ideas, fundraisers, corporate promotions, and custom Christmas ornaments. Learn about our Custom Ornaments for Church Anniversaries & Celebrations, and our remarkable Pop-Up Ornaments for the high value, unforgettable keepsakes.

Custom Ornament USS NiagaraCustom Ornament Uses

  • Resell custom brass ornaments for fundraising and revenue generation.
  • Award specially designed logo pieces to employees and volunteers.
  • Recognize donors with commemorative ornaments.
  • Provide unique gifts for anniversaries and special events.
  • Commemorate community milestones and historic events.
  • Offer exclusive membership premiums, distinctive awards, and unique gifts.
  • Provide personalized gifts for student clubs, military units, and sport teams.

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"Each ornament has its own character, its own life, designed specially for you, our customer. 

You may never have been involved in the development of anything like this before, and so we work especially hard to make your custom ornament work for you and your group.  We want to make your good judgment in choosing Tom Pollard Designs pay off for you and those relying on you for a successful project. At Tom Pollard Designs, our customers are the most important aspect of the business.  Customers have made us Your Ornament Maker, and without you, there would be no business at all.  It's something we never forget.

On these pages, we provide examples of the creativity and craftsmanship you can expect from our company.  Please don't hesitate to call us at 412-761-4788 or 800-231-4788, or to Contact Us via this website."
                                                        -- Tom Pollard, Owner

Who Buys Custom Ornaments?

Customers for our one-of-a-kind custom brass ornaments vary widely. They include towns, schools, and churches, especially those celebrating significant anniversaries (25th, 50th, 100th). We have created beautiful commemorative and keepsake ornaments for:

Tom Pollard Designs, Your Ornament Maker, has crafted a series of custom ornaments for a community group. Tom designed one ornament a year over a five-year period to celebrate the community.

We have designed keepsakes for the Korean Veterans of America, for Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa, and for companies as well known as Comcast.

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